Infusionsoft Denies Service to LGBT Companies

Infusionsoft Denies Service to LGBT Companies

Previously Titled: Did This Huge Company Just Blatantly Discriminate Against Me for Being LGBT?


I’m not one to want to talk smack for no reason.  I like giving people and companies the benefit of the doubt.  And YES, it is possible that this particular customer service representative just needs better training, which Infusionsoft is ultimately responsible for when we really get down to it.  So, I’m just going to leave a transcript of my conversation and screenshots of the full chat (scroll to the bottom) and you can decide for yourself what is happening here.


Infusionsoft: Can you tell me more about your business so that I can relate it with Infusionsoft and give you more relevant information?

Lily: We produce public events and sell tickets to these events.

Infusionsoft: Great! Can I have your website link so I can know more about your business?


Infusionsoft: As I am checking your website, this would not fit in Infusionsoft’s Acceptable User Policy.

Lily: Which exact policy does it break?

Infusionsoft: Infusionsoft doesn’t support dating services or such promotions sent via email.

Lily: Dating service? This isn’t a dating service.  These are public events.

Infusionsoft: Yes, I agree with your point.  These are indeed public events.  However, we do not support promoting this genre.

Lily: And what genre would that be?

Infusionsoft: I am referring to public events that help public meet each other and encourage all individuals to release their youthful spirit and embrace each other’s similarities and differences.

Lily: So you don’t support professional conferences where people meet each other?  Your software wouldn’t support Comic-Con?

Infusionsoft: Lily, we do support professional conferences. However, we do not deal or help businesses that encourage individuals to release their youthful spirit and embrace each other’s similarities and differences.

Lily: So, you’re telling me that at Comic-Con — where adult dress up as cartoon characters without judgement — they aren’t releasing each other’s youthful spirit and embracing each other’s similarities and differences?

Infusionsoft: Lily, I am being very honest and I have also checked your website to understand if that fits our user policy. Unfortunately, it is not falling into our requirements list.

Lily: You still haven’t specified why and you didn’t answer my question about comic-con. At this point it seems like flat out discrimination because we host LGBT events. That is literally the only difference between our events and other public events.

Infusionsoft: Yes, exactly and comic-con is a different event and concept altogether.

Lily: So you’re admitting it’s because we host LGBT events?

Infusionsoft: Yes, that’s correct.

Lily: Thank you for your confirmation.


This isn’t the first time the LGBT community has been stomped on by corporations.  Both Facebook and YouTube (Google) currently have built-in policies that negatively impact LGBT businesses by making it difficult to advertise to their targeted demographics or monetize their content.



The leader of Corporate Communications emailed me an official apology yesterday explaining that it was an error when the chat representative said our business did not fit in Infusionsoft’s Acceptable User Policy.

My response: “If your user policy does not discriminate, we would like to know what portion of this user policy caused him to believe that your company does not support LGBT businesses.”

Infusionsoft’s Response: “We rolled out new training this morning to both our internal support reps as well as the third-party chat service.”

I responded with a reference to a reliable LGBT Sensitivity Training Specialist and hope that they end up hiring her for their new training program.




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